If you haven't done so yet, check out the new blog I wrote for Girls Gone Strong on movement variability! 

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  • "Variability in our movements and posture is important, because of the need for our bodies and minds to tolerate day to day activities, without needing to think about what our spine is doing during those activities."
  • "By simply telling someone that bending over is “bad” for them, we create an environment that lends itself to fear. Fear of one’s own body and how to use it."
  • "Adding variability into our day gives us the opportunity to explore and get curious about what our body can do and in what positions it can do it."
  • "If someone were to ask me why movement variability is so important, my answer would be simple: for perspective."
  • "When we encourage women and girls to believe that perfect posture is the one and only answer to reducing their pain, to being able to lift a weight off the ground, or to developing the assurance to ask for a raise, we ultimately diminish their ability to feel comfortable and confident enough to get in the gym, explore, create and discover their truest selves."
  • "Movement variability provides us with an opportunity to gain confidence, learn new skills, test the limits of our body and our mind, as well as break down old belief systems and build up new ones."

Cheers all!

Dr. Ellie Somers, PT

"Physio on a mission 💪"