I need to talk about this slide:

1️⃣ Assuming that a "healthy man" is the epitome of success in sport or athletics is reeeee-donc-uuuuu-lusss!!!!! ENOUGH 👏👏👏

2️⃣The assumption/correlation that hormones play a role in ANY injury or painful experience kills me. I cannot grasp how hormones play a role until we start comparing women to other women in that regard and I am not currently familiar with a study that does so...

3️⃣"Neuromuscular weakness" - I have a few choice words I want to say about this, but I'll use an emoji to demonstrate how I feel instead ** 🖕**

4️⃣The 3 proposed causes on the right hand side of this slide are ALL bio-mechanical/biological in nature when we KNOW that injury is way more complex in sport and higher level sport. It completely baffles me that this is not a part of this slide, particularly when we know the social, psychological and cultural challenges experienced by women and for higher level sport!!! #showmethemoney

5️⃣This slide comes from a very well respected sports conference and I was not in attendance, as such, I cannot speak to the context of this slide (I can only speak to my frustration about it at face value). This slide speaks volumes to me about how far we have to go in science, sports medicine, and care for the female athlete.


In conclusion:

I am sooooo over this type of comparison. I'm over the assumption that neuromuscular deficits play a role unless we're comparing women to women. I am over assuming that my hormones are a problem in sport, I am over the fact that my anatomy has ANYTHING to do with why I get injured more than men. Women are not born as faulty beings and I refuse to get on board with this messaging that persists for women in sport.

So there...I said it.


Dr. Ellie Somers

"Physio on a Mission"