My philosophy is to provide a positive and empowering experience in sport for my athletes. I seek to help them walk away feeling more equipped and able, to handle any situation thrown at them. All of this is done with an ultimate goal to help keep them healthy, active and engaged in the activities they love, for their lifetime.


I value a team approach in my work with athletes. Big goals don’t scare me, they excite me. I value the experiences my athletes bring to the table and seek to nudge athletes in directions that will foster their development as an athlete, but also as a robust human being.



We are in the best possible position to help runners through coaching services. As physical therapists, we understand the injury to performance continuum and are able to help athletes work through their situation with clarity and peace of mind.


We specialize in helping women run better and there is no better way to help them do this through the power of strength coaching. We use progressive loading exercise routines to foster tissue resiliency and improve the performance of our athletes.


When dealing with pain and injury, sometimes, it isn’t enough to simply have a few exercises you do day in and day out. This service is offered to our physical therapy clients to foster a full recovery through targeted virtual coaching as they rehabilitate back to their activity of choice.