• Athleta UVillage (map)
  • 2610 Northeast University Village Street
  • Seattle, WA, 98105
  • United States

From tendinopathies, to stress injuries, to knee pain, or shin splints, navigating pain and discomfort as a runner can be a challenge. Knowing when to stop, when to go, or when to course correct is valuable when working through an injury or painful experience. This workshop is designed to help you gain clarity on your training "niggles" and become a more empowered, resilient runner. From understanding best practices for maintaining a healthy body, to knowing how to safely progress long distance running, this discussion will foster greater understanding of how you move.  You will also learn how to move better as a runner and feel more confident with your training. There will be whiteboard visuals, handouts, and movement involved.

Come ready to move and leave with confidence! 

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